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Update - We Are Digital!

15 people in 6 vehicles made the muddy trek up to the Squaw Peak repeater to install new solar panels, batteries and our new Digital Fusion radio. The Yaesu DR-2X is in AMS (Automatic Mode Select) which automatically recognizes the signal as C4FM digital or conventional FM, and then the repeater re-transmits the signal as received. The 70cm repeater is being moved to our Mingus site to make it accessable to more people. Click here to see photos of the January 10, 2019 work party.

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Technology Consultant And Technician Matt Dutton, N7YIO With Junior Technician Levi Learning On The Job And Having Some Fun Checking The Equipment at the Squaw Peak Repeater Site April 22, 2018

The VVARA Squaw Peak repeater site is the most recent addition to the clubs repeater site inventory. Mike Wingate, WA6LSE is responsible for the design and build of the site prior to the club taking ownership. In 2014, Mike donated the site along with all of the equipment housed inside to the VVARA. We are thankful for his generosity. Sadly, Mike became a silent key early in 2017. His hard work and attention to detail is very apparent at the Squaw Peak site and Mingus Mountain as well. Squaw Peak is home to the 147.100 (131.8 Hz PL) 2m repeater, 447.500 (141.3 Hz PL) 70cm repeater, an APRS digipeater, and just recently, a WinLink digipeater was added. The site which is south of Camp Verde at approximately 6500 ft. elevation, provides coverage throughout the Verde Valley, and into Prescott Valley. It can be heard well along the I-17 corridor between sunset point and Munds Park. The Squaw Peak site has no commercial AC power. The 420Ah battery bank is made up of two recently installed 6VDC batteries in series to provide the 12VDC power to the equipment. The batteries are charged by the rooftop solar panels feeding into a Xantrex charge controller.

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