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Verde Valley Amateur Radio Association

Welcome to the Verde Valley Amateur Radio Association

AM Radio Special Interest Group
Verde Valley Amateur Radio Association

Although at times it is jokingly referred to as "Ancient Modulation" by its detractors, AM is "Angel Music" to those who enjoy this special mode of modulation. AM refers to the method of modulating the RF carrier, in this case, Amplitude Modulation. Amplitude Modulation (AM) was the first voice mode used in amateur radio, and is now very much alive at it enters the 7th decade of its life. AM is a well-regarded specialty within the radio hobby, and its operation offers a warm, rich audio quality that provides for more personal interaction. AM is rich with tradition, and the time honored tradition of elmering and homebrewing equipment are no exception. AMers often build and maintain their own antennas and transmitters. The simplicity of AM circuit design encourages hands-on restoration, modification and homebrew construction to an extent no longer found among contemporary radios. 

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AM Radio



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