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WA7LSE Station Description WA7LSE Station Description

The console is a Motorola Centra-comm communications console, from the late 80’s early 90’s each module connects to a radio via a DC control module, all audio’s transmit and receive go thru the Centra-comm, which results in one microphone and a selected and unselected audio speakers for all of the radios, the lower half is commercial and I built the top 2/3rds of the console in my shop, I bought the Centra-comm from a friend in the radio business, who took it in trade for a new console upgrade to a local PD in Nevada somewhere! I have dual processor computer normally running Ham radio deluxe, and controlling the APRS radio, the Kenwood ts-590s, and the Yaesu FT-80c both are HF radios, the Kenwood has a Cubic 600 watt solid state amplifier in line to the Cushcraft X7 big thunder antenna, the FT-80c is connected to a tower mounted tuner and a 80 ft per leg inverted V antenna which I made out of 1/8th aircraft stainless steel cable. I have two Kenwood tm-g707 dual band radios, a Vertex 6 meter FM radio, and a ADI 220 FM radio all connected thru the console system, the tower is 40 ft of Rohn 45G set in 2.97 yards of high strength concrete, a cube of 5ftx5ftx5ft is at the base, I have the pre-mentioned Cushcraft X7 big thunder HF antenna with the 40 meter add on module, on top of that is the Cushcraft A627013s combo beam antenna for 6 & 2 meters and 440 MHz, the rotor is a Yaesu G1000sdx with rs-232 control which allows the computer to move the antenna. The other antennas on the tower are set on three leg candelabra style mounts for each of the FM bands, all coaxes come thru a poly-phaser grounding panel assy. And a patch panel assy. and are capable of being feed thru the Bird 4522 watt meter for real time VSWR measurements, additionally there is an audio patch panel for setting and measuring input and output audio levels, project took many years of gathering equipment and about 3 ½ years to build up and design the audio interfaces’ What’s fun now is I can talk to almost anyone on any bands that I want, if I can hear them I can talk to them.

Amateur License Class: EXTRA

Mike Wingate - WA6LSE

(WA6LSE larger Station image)

(WA6LSE larger Antennas image)

Station Description
The furry operator is my cat Perky, she lived to age 16. I loved that cat and have been unable to get another. The loss was really traumatic. She was rescued from a field as a kitten in Pompey New York near where I was living at the time. Most my ham equipment was purchased when I moved here in 1999. FT100d – Quadra Amp that I bought off eham – 2 vx5r’s. There is a kenwood receiver that I bought around 1980 at a hamfest in Rochester, NY. Antenna’s – a uhf/vhf antenna on the roof – a windom between to high light poles that I shot up there with a sling shot.

Amateur License Class: EXTRA

Robert G Short - W0PJK
(larger image)

Kenwood TS-2000 Kenwood TM-V71A Kenwood THF6A



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