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Amateur Radio Public Service
Verde Valley Amateur Radio Association

Amateur Radio operators play a vital role in emergency and disaster operations, providing vital communications for the organizations they support. There are three basic groups of Amateur Radio operators that provide these emergency and disaster communications services. They are RACES, ARES, and Independents. For additional information relative to RACES & ARES in the Yavapai County area, visit the RACES/ARES web site for general, as well as specific, information
Yavapai County Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES) RACESYavapai County Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES)
An acronym for Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service.  RACES organizations are restricted to serving local, state, and federal government emergency management agencies. RACES is sponsored by local and state civil defense organizations and supported by the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA), operating as a separate service within the FCC's Part 97 rules. RACES is intended to provide government communications for civil defense porposes only, during periods of local, regional, or national civil emergencies. RACES operation is strictly limited to official civil defense activities in an emergency communications situation, and is staffed by volunteer Amateur Radio operators from all walks of life.
Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES)ARES
ARRL Public Service Communications Manual
ARES is An acronym for Amateur Radio Emergency Service. ARES consists of volunteer Amateur Radio operators that provide communications for public service of all kinds, not just emergency communications. ARES volunteers work with both government and non-government organizations, but the bulk of their efforts are for the non-governmental relief organizations, such as The American Red Cross.

(SATERN West) Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio NetworkIndependent
(North American Command Chicago) Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network
There are also independent organizations which utilize volunteer Amateur Radio operators for the successful completion of their mission during emergency or disaster operations. One of those organizations is The Salvation Army.

Their organization, at the national level is:

Salvation Army Team Emergency Network (SATERN)

and at the western United States level:


For more specific information contact District Emergency Coordinator and RACES Radio Officer



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