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N7DDR, Peggy Funks Memorial
Frank Funk, N7EBT - 1915-2012
His Loving Wife

N7XVH, Dorinda Lee Hartson Memorial
Dorinda Lee Hartson, N7XVH - 1948-2012)
Her Loving Husband

WX7P, Wilse Morgan, Memorial
Wilse Morgan, WX7P
His Loving Wife

Charles Dickens so eloquently stated in his poem titled

"We Simply Say Good-bye"

Good-bye my friend, We will miss you Dan.

We say it for an hour or for years,

We say it smiling, say it choked with tears;

We say it coldly, say it with a kiss;

And yet we have no other words than this,

" Good-bye"

We have no dearer word for our hearts friend,

For him who journeys to the world's far end,

And sears our soul with going; this we say,

As unto him who steps but o'er the way-


Alike to those we love, and those we hate,

We say no more at parting at life's gate,

To him who passes out beyond earths sight-

We cry, as to the wanderer for the night,


Dan was many things to many people over the time he was with us-

A son, a father, a man and most importantly a friend.


Your Friends Paul WA7US (and Hal)

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Dan enjoying lunch at Gurley Street GrillDan enjoying lunch at Gurley Street Grill
Dan enjoying lunch at Celtic CrossingDan enjoying lunch at Celtic Crossing
Dan's DoorbellDan's Doorbell
Dan's DoorbellDon Rader N7HYH (silent key Dec 29, 2011) and his Wife Ruth at a VVARA lunch
Dan's DoorbellEllis Rackoff KE7NAP

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Verde Valley Amateur Radio Association

Welcome to the Verde Valley Amateur Radio Association

VVARA Silent Keys
Verde Valley Amateur Radio Association

List of former VVARA club members and former members who have passed away and became silent keys.

Jim Thomas, KI7P Dan Nichols, W6SAK
Stephen W. Butler, AB7TN John Colton, KD7NGB
Al Creighton, W7REJ Cal Turner, WI6S
Chet Funk, K7ZKL Sonny Lawrence, W7FQM
Doc Miraldi, K7DOC John Mulhorn, K7SHX
Barbara Nichols, KC7HAW Bill Paritz, N6ALQ
Art Rissberger, KC2EN Grace Rissberger
Joe Shipek, KC7MTW Dottie Poland KC7DHP
Helen and Don Whitcomb, WA7GBT Williard Barr, KB7YVZ
Mike Kerutis, KE0GE Don Rader, N7HYH
Donald Muller, KC7AGL Pattie Muller, KC7LDU
Dorinda Lee Hartson, N7XVH Ellis Rackoff, KE7NAP
Wilse Morgan, WX7P Richard Munson, W2GAS
Gene Millsap, W7FQW Fred Schelter, K8IVC
Joyce Black, KE6BWK Tom Schrum, K7NII
Eleanor Mulhorn, KA7NBQ Joan Tremper, AB7KE
Tom Shrum, K7NII .

Attention VVARA Members:

Notice of VVARA Silent Keys members and former members names can be E-Mailed to the for posting on this webpage. Please include a picture if available.



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