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Internet Broadband Over Power Line (BPL)
The following files (a mix of .PDF, .DOC, & .TXT) pertain to the BPL testing / experimentation done in the Cottonwood area, and the VVARA's involvement in reporting the generated RF Interference to the FCC and working with the ARRL, and the respective Internet Provider company and the Power Company. They are arranged in chronological order starting from the earliest to the most recent at the bottom of the list. These are all of the documents pertaining to the BPL issues I've been able to find on this web site. Should anyone have additional pertinent documents they wish to have listed on this web site, please contact the
  FCC letter to Electric Broadband LLC - September 1, 2004 Adobe Reader Download
  EB LLC Letter to FCC - September 3, 2004 (Doc)
  VVARA Letter to FCC - September 11, 2004 Adobe Reader Download
  ARRL Letter to FCC - September 16, 2004 Adobe Reader Download
  VVARA Committee Report RE:Notching Effectiveness - October 5, 2004 Adobe Reader Download
  ARRL Letter to FCC - October 11, 2004 Adobe Reader Download
  BPL Attorney Letter to FCC - November 3, 2004 Adobe Reader Download
  VVARA Letter to FCC - November 9, 2004 (Doc)
  FCC BPL Experimental License Granted to EB LLC - November 19, 2004 Adobe Reader Download
  VVARA letter to APS - November 29, 2004 (Doc)
  Email from ARRL to VVARA - January 3, 2005 (Doc)
  VVARA letter to FCC - January 3, 2005 (Doc)
  VVARA Letter to MTI (Mr. Gillespie) - December 20, 2005 (Doc)
  VVARA Letter to MTI (RE:Immunity Testing) - December 21, 2005 (Doc)
  Government Frequency Assignments Impacted by BPL (Txt)



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