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Verde Valley Amateur Radio Association

Welcome to the Verde Valley Amateur Radio Association

Best Of The Internet
Is A "MEGA" List Of Interesting Website Links
Verde Valley Amateur Radio Association

Best Of The Internet Website Links of Interest


How to Mine the Deep Web: The Ultimate Guide
The Deep Web is information that most search engines don't access, like some medical, academic and journal data.
There are several search tools in this article to help you find the content not usually accessed by the major search engines.

How To Secure Files On Dropbox And SugarSync Android Apps
You don't need to download any apps for this - securing your files in Android involves accessing a hidden feature already available. Pretty neat.

12 Dozen Places To Educate Yourself Online For Free
The description from the site says it all: "...If you’re interested in learning something new, this article is for you. Broken down by subject and/or category, here are several top-notch self-education resources I have bookmarked online over the past few years."

40 Best Fresh Free High Quality Fonts Created In 2012
There's quite a variety of fonts here, from the unusual (and occasionally somewhat difficult to read) to fonts that are better as titles and some that make nice body copy.

Tweak Windows Explorer To Open In A Folder You Choose
This is one of those lesser known but incredibly useful tips. Windows Explorer can be configured to open in many directories. Here's how.

How to Highlight Text Like a Keyboard Ninja
If you've spent any time here at Gizmo's Freeware you know that many of us are fond of keyboard shortcuts. I love my mouse, but when it comes to getting things done quickly keyboard shortcuts can't be beat. If you usually use your mouse to highlight text, here are some keyboard shortcuts that do the same thing. It's good to have a choice how to get things done, mouse or keyboard.


10+ Special Browsers For Visually Impaired Users
This is a good collection of browsers for anyone visually impaired and a few have features that make them useful to everyone. The features vary from browser to browser so chances are good to find one that works for you.

Encyclopedia of Spices
This definitely isn't your garden variety list of mostly culinary spices. A little of what you can find at this site: the latin name and family of the spice, its history, origins and varieties; plant descriptions, preparation and storage, culinary uses, growing and harvesting, and any attributed medicinal properties along with a small botanical illustration of the plant where available. Not every spice listed has every listing but there's more than enough for each spice.

Fix “Could Not Find This Item” When Deleting in Windows 7
I was really glad to come across this article. I've seen this error message for a few months and wondered what was going on.

Another News Photo Blog (Reuters)
I'm not sure that another photo news blog could replace The Big Picture as my all time favorite, but this one by Reuters is very well done. I like the clean interface and easy navigation. The main page is good, but the really interesting parts come when you click on a photo or an article. Some of the articles contain a slideshow with several images (there were over 65 images in one article I read) that give you the opportunity to get more in-depth information via photos and captions. Other articles are shorter, with all the images on one page. Articles and slideshow that contain graphic content have a warning in the caption at the head of the page.

Re-download Amazon Kindle eBooks to Different Devices
This is a very handy tip for Kindle users who want to download your Kindle books to another device.

Grand Theft Auto 1, 2 And Wild Metal PC Games Free Download
These three games are available as a free download: Grand Theft Auto 1 – 1997, Wild Metal – 1999, and Grand Theft Auto 2 – 1999 from the link in this article. Note that the games are for people 18 years of age and over, and please be sure to read the warnings and disclaimers on the download site.

Configure Windows 7 for Maximum Security
There are some great tips in this article, whether you're an experienced or more casual Windows user.

Shutdown Windows Faster With These Simple Tips
There are some great tips here, but as the article strongly suggests, create a backup of your registry files before making any changes just in case.


Using the Windows Key on Your Keyboard
Here's a handy list of things you can do with the Windows key. I admit I don't use the Windows key for everything it can do. With this list I have no longer have any excuse.

7 Ways To Use CCleaner Like A Pro
I love CCleaner, its one of my favorite utilities. Here are a few of its uses I wasn't aware of or didn't use.

Use Google’s What Do You Love to Get a Variety of Search Results
Here's an interesting Google search feature.

How to Run Android on Your Windows PC
You'll need to download a few utilities to do this, but if your interested in Android it's worth a try.

15 Places To Learn Typography
This is a diverse and useful list of websites dedicated to learning typography, and worth a look if your interest is casual.

9 Amazing Photoblogs To Discover Images From Around The World
I love photoblogs of all sorts. I tend to look at news photoblogs, but there are other types in this article that I thought were interesting.

Password Security - Turn Your Dumb Habits Into Geek Habits
Some good suggestions: ways to test password strength, being more secure, problems you will encounter, and for XKCD fans the cartoon strip alone is worth a visit.

Amazing Ways To Get The Best Out Of Your USB Drives
Who knew there were so many USB hacks? Great list.

Six Best Firefox Alternatives
There are some interesting Firefox alternatives here. If you have a 64-bit system you might want to try Waterfox, if you live in India the Epic browser looks like a winner. I usually have K-Meleon installed, it's lightweight and fast on my system, and Pale Moon has worked fine for me over the years - some of the other ones I'll just have to try.


Wiktionary is a multilingual, wiki-based open content encyclopedia. You can search using the Content page, Multimedia (not as well developed as some of the other pages), Everything, and Advanced. There's an option to search MediaWiki, Google, Wikiwixn Bing, and Yahoo next to the search entry box. The advanced page is where Wikitionary shines, there are several categories including citations,  concordance, rhymes and index categories to mention just a few. English speakers may want to start at the English Main Page.

Free ebooks: Great content from Microsoft Press that won’t cost you a penny
Microsoft offers some ebooks for free in PDF, Mobi (Kindle) and epub formats. Here's a sampling from Microsoft.
(via TinyHacker)

Windows: The Basics of Making Advanced Searches With Wildcards and Filters
A good introduction to using Wildcards and Filters in Windows Search. Search ninjas may want to skip this one, while the rest of us can at least learn what the terms mean.

How to Shutdown or Restart Windows 8
I know, I know, Windows 8 isn't out yet so why write about it now? With the latest release date rumor targeting late October, some of us like to get a head start and a good look at what we'll be dealing with and like to collect tips and tricks. October isn't that far away. If you're wondering about cost, the Windows Team blog has an article on upgrading to Windows 8 Pro for $39.00 [This offer is no longer available] in 131 markets. If you're running Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7 you can qualify for an upgrade.

How To Install Windows 7 Using the Windows 7 USB/DVD Tool  from Microsoft
If you downloaded Windows 7 and don't have a disk, try this tool.

Why You Should Use Bcc In Your Email
Most of us have gotten well-meaning emails from friends and relatives that lists the email addresses of everyone that email has ever been sent to with a message that's funny, something you must pass on to everyone you know, or other topics.
Personally, seeing my personal email address included in a list with a few hundred others is horrifying. I don't know these people, but I'm sure that some lucky spammer would be delighted to get their hands on that list since they are valid email addresses.

10 Killer Mouse Tricks You’ve Never Tried
There are some awesome mouse tips in this article, some of them are new to me but I'll definitely be using them. Useful article for both keyboard jockeys and mousers.
[via TinyHacker]


Hubble's Hidden Treasures
Last March, the operators of the Hubble Space Telescope launched a competition, inviting amateur astronomers to dig into hundreds of thousands of images of outer space, helping discover hidden treasures and bring them to light. Yesterday, NASA and the European Space Agency announced the winners. These images are a sample from the winners, you'll find a link to the rest in the article.

10 Firefox Extensions For Security + Anonymous Browsing
If you use Firefox this is a useful roundup of security add-ons.

26 Free Cross-Platform Productivity Apps to Help You Get Things Done
Stepcase Lifehack has some really interesting apps on this list. The one that caught my eye is Outlook.com, the free online edition of Microsoft's email client. Hotmail users will know they've been upgraded to the new app when logging in. There's quite a variety of old favorites and new to me apps to check out.

Get a free 25 GB Box account instead of 5 GB
Box.net has been renamed to Box and is giving away 25 GB of free storage for life with new accounts. I'm not sure if any internet site will be around for life, but Box.net has a long track record.

Become A Gmail Ninja
All the steps to become a Gmail ninja are right here, from beginners (white belt) to Gmail master, laid out as a series of tutorials that are easy to understand. Well, maybe not all the steps; you may not need the gmail keyboard shortcuts, but if you're a keyboard jockey try the Gmail keyboard shortcut page or this great list put together by Adam Pash over at Lifehacker.

Solve Common Android Wi-Fi Problems
Here are some common issues you may run into with your Android and how to fix them.
[via TinyHacker]

50 Excellent Professional Resources for Teachers
This list is extensive and covers several important categories like Courses and Workshops, Field Specific resources, Skill Building, Groups and Organizations, and Social resources.

7 Useful Image Search Tools
I like this list because it's listings are so diverse. I found the Multicolor Search to be a little addictive. Cooliris is has morphed into an app for iPad and iPhone.

Use Multiple Google Accounts in Chrome Web Browser
If you use have more than one Google account you'll love this tip.


Check Internet Speed Through Top Five Online Tools
Speedtest is probably the most well known of the sites in this list, now you have four more to try.

How to Access Hidden Secret “Advanced Configuration” Pages in Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera
One of the first places I head after I install (or re-install) a web browser is the advanced configuration page. If you're not familiar with these features it's a good idea to write down what you do for each change you make so you can undo changes.

How To View PDF Files inside Firefox 15
This is a great feature - Google Chrome has supported it for some time, it's nice to see Mozilla bringing it on board.

How Linux can help you protect your privacy online
This article is on the tech side of things but it's well worth reading for anyone interested in online privacy and how your personal information is collected and used. The step by step is clear enough for most people to get through, and there are some good websites listed if you don't want to go through the tutorial. This snippet from the website is pretty accurate I think: "...You're not paranoid - they really are watching you. Criminals, web companies and governments all have a reason to spy on your online life, and the methods that they use are becoming increasingly sophisticated." So what are these methods?

Super Simple Way To Fix A Slow iPhone
How clearing data from Safari can speed up your iPhone.

Play the original Minecraft Classic, solo or with friends – for free!
This isn't a demo version, it's a full version of an earlier release. You'll need a Java enabled browser to play - if you don't have it installed most browsers let you know you need it.

Learn To Code: 10 Free And Fantastic Online Resources To Hone Your Skills
This is a good collection of coding resources for anyone who wants to learn to code.

How to enable built-in PDF Viewer in Firefox 15
Firefox 15 now includes a built-in PDF reader. It's not enabled by default (for now). Here's how to enable it - since it involves editing the about:config settings I recommend backing up your Firefox settings and bookmarks (my favorite method is this add-on). If you use Adobe Reader you'll need to disable it via the Options/|Applications menu.

Lock Google Safe Search to Protect Children Online
Use Google safe search to protect your children online from searching adult content and getting surprised by unexpected search results.


Jetstream: Online Weather School
"This site is designed to help educators, emergency managers, or anyone interested in learning about weather and weather safety.
The information contained in JetStream is arranged by subject; beginning with global and large-scale weather patterns followed by lessons on air masses, wind patterns, cloud formations, thunderstorms, lightning, hail, damaging winds, tornados, tropical storms, cyclones and flooding." Another useful link is NOAA's Weather Education/Outreach site.
For those of us who love weather.

Cloud Computing Explained
Everything you wanted to know about Cloud Computing.

Microsoft Malware Protection center Reports on Rootkits
The Microsoft Malware Protection center (MMPC) has published a new threat report on Rootkits and how they work. This threat report is recommended reading for those people looking to better understand how malware families use rootkits to avoid detection and how to protect themselves from this type of threat.

Download Free Windows 8 e-book from Microsoft
While the title says this free ebook is an overview for IT professionals, there's a goodly amount of Windows 8 information anyone can use.
Note: the download link is at the bottom of the article.

Free Space Simulators Roundup
Most of us have heard of programs like Stellarium and Microsoft's Worldwide Telescope. This article highlights a few more and adds some useful links.

What to do with an Extra PC?
This is one of those questions I'm often asked, here some good suggestions when you need to do something with a no longer in use or wanted computer.

Windows themes
Themepacks packs can be used in Windows 8, Windows RT, and in Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise, or Ultimate editions.

Use This Guide To Repair Your Computer Before You Try The GeekSquad
This article is particularly useful for beginning or casual computer users. It covers checking for malware and failing hard drives or memory, all things you can check yourself with little risk.

Download Bing Wallpapers Automatically for Daily Desktop Backgrounds
I love the Bing wallpapers that you see when you visit the Bing search page. I've always wished there were a way to acquire them in a bigger resolution. This Microsoft utility does just that. A couple of things to note: the daily wallpapers are not saved in any way. If I want to keep an image I open it in my favorite image editor and save it to my hard drive. So far all the wallpapers I've saved have been 1900 x 1200. If you want information about the image, hover your mouse over the i with a circle around it on the Bing desktop app. More details can be found in the article link above.


How To Hide The Dock Icon For Any Mac App While It Is Running
A bit of uncluttering for your Dock.

Thinking for Upgrading to Windows 8? Rethink These Important Points
For better or worse, Windows 8 is here to stay. I like this article because it tags items you'll want to consider before jumping in to Windows 8 without trying to persuade you one way or the other. Hardware requirements, version differences, pricing, what's retained if you upgrade from previous versions of Windows and so on. Just the facts.

Internet Explorer 10 Preview for Windows 7 released .
I've been checking the site for IE10 for Windows 7 since it was put up, watching for the day it became available. Today is the day, and this article at ghacks.com fills you in on what's new and different. Download Here.

65 Best Free Fonts From 2012
Although not every font in every collection will appeal to everyone, this collection of fonts has some useful and decorative fonts.

Outlook.com adds new features; some of which make transition from Gmail easier!
I've been spending a bit of time lately with outlook.com (also known as hotmail). I like the uncluttered interface and so far I've been able to do all the same operations in outlook.com that I perform in gmail.

Mr Printables: Oodles of free printables for kids
I love the printables on this site. It's aimed toward kids, but I think anyone of any age would enjoy some of them. I'm liking the tiny houses.

The Windows 8 Customization Guide for the Traditional PC User
If you're curious about Windows 8, or have it and want to customize it to your liking this is a helpful article.

Download High Resolution Bing Wallpapers In One Click From Bing Homepage
Bing has some awesome wallpapers. If you enjoy them and want to download high resolution images you'll want to check this article out.

popurls says "it's the dashboard for the latest web-buzz, a single page that encapsulates up-to-the-minute headlines from the most popular sites on the internet."
It's customizable so you can choose the content you want. It's a single page of news and images from many popular websites with a variety of topics. The default view is a dark background with light colored text, but that can be changed to a white background and the size of the text can be made larger. You'll need to sign up for a free account to permanently save any customizations you want to keep, or you can customize (or not) each visit. It's a great tool for quickly scanning what's happening on the internet.


Music Downloads:: 5 Cheaper Alternatives Than The iTunes Store
I prefer to download music from places other than iTunes. Check out these five alternatives to iTunes, you might find ones you like.

Awesome Websites For Kids
Finding good quality websites for kids is a bit of a challenge. That's why I was delighted to find this site chock full of great sites and learning resources for children. The site is sponsored by the Association for Library Service to Children, a division of the American Library Association. Animals, Art, Sciences, and Reference sections are some of what you'll find there. I really liked the Reference section, but all other segments have great content.

14 Ways to Make Good Use of Your Old Computer Again
This article has some terrific ideas for reusing older computers. If you're in the USA, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has a useful page for Electronics Donation and Recycling.

Free eBooks on Hubble and Webb Space Telescopes from NASA
You can download them as a PDF from the link at the bottom of the article or from the Apple iBookstore.

Terms of Service: Too Long To Read
Terms of Service (TOS) agreements are often long. They aren't that interesting. You've no doubt seen the introductory words "I have read and agree to the Terms....", probably checked the box and gone about your business. Terms of Service agreements can have quite an impact depending on how they are worded. Enter the Terms of Service Didn't Read project. They're a user rights initiative to rate and label website terms & privacy policies, from very good to very bad. They list the important things you need to know from the TOS various companies. The project is still growing but already has an impressive list. You can scroll the list or grab an extension for Firefox, Chrome, Opera or Safari. Definitely worth a visit.

‘Should I Remove It?’ Helps You Decide Which Windows Apps To Uninstall
Even long time computer users aren't always sure whether to uninstall PC programs but this tool helps you make a decision - it analyzes your installed programs and suggests programs you can safely remove. One of the great features of this app is having access to program details, descriptions, the Windows versions it runs on, popularity, user rating, install base statistics by countries and PC manufacturers, and a lot more.

Download Free Microsoft Office 2013 Quick Start Guides in PDF Format
Get free Quick Start Guides for Office programs such as Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, One Note, Outlook, Publisher, Access, Project and Visio. Programs will vary according to which version of Office you have. (via)

Use Tech to Get Organized: Tools, Websites, Apps and More
I ran across this article in my on-going (and seemingly never ending) search for the best way to organize things. The tools in this article are sorted into useful categories such as Notebooks/Journals/Clippings, To-Do/Task Management, Project Management and so on.


How To Make Firefox Display Mobile Versions Of Websites On A PC
It may seem odd at first to visit mobile versions of a web page from your browser, but for slow internet connections they can speed things up, and sometimes the interface is nicer.

Resources for Free Online Programming & Computer Science Classes
This list of resources has two categories, one for fun and one for serious learning. Some of these have been featured here at Gizmo's Freeware so there might be some repetition.

33 Of The Most Amazing Earth-From-Space Photos You'll Ever See
Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield, currently on board the International Space Station, has been sharing these amazing photos. You can view 33 of these awesome photos on this site. Heads up: this is a very graphics intensive web page, it takes some time to load with a slow connection. I think it's worth the wait, but your mileage may vary.

Draw Diagrams Online for Free
"draw.io is an online diagramming application built for speed, reliability and simplicity. It works everywhere. It features the full range of visual configuration you expect, as well as web application features such as a full range of export options, a large collection of icons, real-time collaboration and embedded widget sharing. Additional features include unlimited users, unlimited drawings, a large range of shape libraries, export to PNG/JPG/XML/SVG, Google Drive Integration, Real-time collaboration, Any HTML 5 browser, IE 6-8 support, iOS, Android, Confluence® plugin, Google Apps Marketplace, Embeddable Widget, and support in 16 languages." That's the official description, I would add that this app is easy to use for beginners while containing enough additional features for more advanced users. Plus, it's fun. :)
Commercial support is available for companies that need enterprise class service.

12 Awesome Tips to Improve Your Google Search Skills
There are some great tips here that I haven't seen in other places, like learning to recognize sites that aren't useful. I don't use Google as a main search engine but these are tips I'll keep in mind next time I use Google.

How to Use the Skydrive Desktop Application in Windows 7 & Windows 8
I've used Microsoft's cloud storage app Skydrive for years to store miscellaneous notes. I'm using it more often these days, the new Skydrive app makes it much easier to work with. If you use Skydrive or want to check it out, this article gives you clear, step by step directions on setting it up and using it on Windows 7 and Windows 8.

iFixit: Fixing the World, One Piece of Hardware at a Time
The lack of manuals for iBooks and other devices started this site. It's grown from a site for manuals and how-to's for Mac's, iPod's, iPhones, and Game Consoles to include vehicles, household items, cameras and PC's. The site has an active community that writes guides and answers questions. The site supports itself selling service parts and tools for Macs, iPods, iPhones and Game Consoles so there are no ads.


Big List of Alt Codes
"Alt codes are the symbols, letters, or characters you can create using your keyboard. They are created by holding down the Alt key and entering a particular number on your keypad." You can use these alt codes to add various characters to things like email or documents. Arrows, dots, stars are among the codes you can use. This article has a really good selection of them. I also like Alt-Codes.net  because the colors and layout makes the site very readable.

10 Websites for Puzzles, Brain Teasers and Riddles
Here's a good collection of sites with puzzles, brain teasers and riddles. I'm not that great with riddles, but I love jigsaw puzzles. Jigzone  is my favorite site. I also like browser based Entanglement  by Gopherwood Studios.

Does Outlook.com Trump Gmail?
I admit I've been impressed with Outlook.com. It's easy to configure and use, and I really like the interface. This article is a good comparison between the two services. If you use both, do you have a preference?

Astronomy Picture of the Day
Many of you are familiar with this site, but you haven't visited it's well worth a look if you enjoy images of the cosmos. From the site: "...each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer." A quick click on the 'Discover the Cosmos' link to the right of the site description brings up the archive of previous photos.

New Online Weather Service Impresses
I love weather sites. What I like about this new site is the way it collects and displays weather information and it's global support. I could go on about it, but a visit to the site is better than me describing it.
(via What's On My PC )

Billions of Free Sudoko Puzzles to Play Online
With 6,670,903,752,021,072,936,960 Sudoko puzzles (ranging from easy to evil) you can play in your browser along with a special keypad for the Apple iPad and Android tablets, Sudoko lovers will enjoy this page. Free registration allows you to get improved personal statistics and rankings, compare yourself against users in your age group, and keeps your stats and options wherever you go.

How do I Learn Programming? 10 Excellent Resources to Learn Coding
Learning to code isn't the easiest thing in the world but these sites will get you started.

Brit + Co; Handmade Ideas for Creative Living
Tutorials, apps, and products from the woman the press dubbed “Silicon Valley’s Martha Stewart”. My favorites are the projects that can be made from things you might throw away.


Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Online Catalog
Looking for a good source of free images and illustrations? Try this Library of Congress Print and Photographs collection. The images I looked at didn't have any restrictions on them, and it's always a good idea to check the rights to images and illustrations here.  The variety of subject matter is huge. The LOC says "...while international in scope, the collections are particularly rich in materials produced in, or documenting the history of, the United States and the lives, interests and achievements of the American people." Types of images include photographs, fine and popular prints and drawings, posters, and architectural and engineering drawings. The size and availability of individual images varies, and in some cases only thumbnail images are displayed due to potential rights considerations.
(via How About Orange)

New York Times Haiku Generator
"Serendipitous Poetry from The New York Times"
This site creates haiku from the New York Times. It works by periodically checking the New York Times home page for newly published articles, then it scans each sentence looking for potential haiku by using an electronic dictionary containing syllable counts. These are scanned by human beings and the good ones are added to the site blog. Most of them are entertaining, while others need some knowledge of American politics to fully grasp. It's not traditional haiku per se, but it's a lot of fun.
(via Its Nice That)

10 Best Websites for Troubleshooting Computer Problems
Before you pay someone to repair a computer it's a good idea to do some troubleshooting on your own. The sites listed in this article are good places to start looking, and several rank among my personal favorites.

Three Easy Ways To Backup Your Gmail Account
Wondering why you should back up your Gmail account? One very good example occurred when Google "lost" all email and contacts for thousands of Gmail accounts. They just.....disappeared. As far as I know, Google was able to restore only a fraction of the lost data. If you have anything that you don't want to lose in your Gmail account, backups are an excellent idea.

How to Transfer All Contacts from Android to iPhone and Vice Versa
This is a handy tip if you're moving from one smartphone to the other, or use both platforms. :)
(via Tiny Hacker)

Shutdown Windows 8 Easier With the Power Button
I know I'm not the only one who had to hunt around for this.

25 Outstanding Google Fonts for Web Design
Following our Tech Tips Editor's article "Easy Way to Download and Install Free Fonts from the Google Collection" here's a collection of some of the better Google Fonts.


Make Your Own Windows 8 Installation Disk or bootable USB drive
Great tip, particularly if you didn't get a Windows 8 disk, don't have a reliable or existing internet connection, or downloaded Windows 8.

How to Backup Your Evernote Notebooks (Just in Case)
I have a lot of data stored on Evernote, stuff that's accumulated over the years. These days my Evernote data is stored on the Evernote servers and their Windows desktop program. I doubt there will be a problem with Evernote, but human error on my end is all too possible. Plus I like to have my data backed up. The How-To Geek has a terrific step by step screen shot by screen shot article should you feel the need to backup your Evernote data.

Download Official Windows 8 End User Training Brochure
Free 38 page PDF file teaches you to 36 Pages teaches you how to get around, manage apps and personalization in Windows 8. It also covers using the charms bar, corners, start screen, switching between apps, File Explorer aka Windows Explorer, Internet Explorer 10 and more.

Guide To Laptops
Everything you ever wanted to know about laptops. Types of laptops, processors, docking stations, batteries, gaming laptops and more.

Tips For Dealing With The Recycle Bin: This week I thought I'd mention a few tips I use for dealing with the Recycle Bin.
Disabling the delete confirmation dialog box: this tip may not be for everyone, but early on I got tired of being asked if I really, truly wanted to delete something. If I delete it by mistake I can always go in to the Recycle Bin and restore the deleted information.
How to disable the delete confirmation dialog box: Right click on the Recycle Bin icon on your desktop or on the Recycle Bin in Windows Explorer, choose Properties, and uncheck the "Display delete confirmation dialog", click ok, and you're done. You can restore that option at any time by going back in and checking the box next to "Display delete confirmation" box.
Bypassing the Recycle Bin entirely: If you don't want a file to go to the Recycle Bin, highlight the file and hit the Shift and Delete keys at the same time. You'll be asked if you want to permanently delete this file- click Yes or No.
You can make this a permanent setting by right clicking on the Recycle Bin icon on your desktop, or on the Recycle Bin in Windows Explorer, choosing Properties, and checking the box next to "Don't move files to the Recycle Bin. Remove files immediately when deleted".
Occasionally you might get a message from Windows indicating the file is too big for the Recycle Bin and it needs to be permanently deleted. You can delete it, or, you can cancel and increase the space allocated to the Recycle Bin (via the right click/properties options described previously) and changing the maximum size to a larger amount.

Make Microsoft Word Always Paste in Plain Text
Great tip for those of us who have to use Word and need plain text.

Free Service Helps Take Your Writing to the Next Level
Slick Write will "analyze your work's flow, check for the passive voice, eliminate unnecessary adverbs, and much more. It works with Wordpress, Google Docs, selections, and most text boxes." Slick Write can be used online with extensions available for Open Office, Libre Office, Chrome, Firefox and WordPress.


The 21 Worst Tech Habits and How to Break Them
Useful and humorous article. Number 12 (printing anything) is one habit I won't break. If you cook, and you get or store recipes in your computer or online, that cheap terabyte disk drive isn't going to help you one bit when your standing in the kitchen. :) I'll keep my printing to a minimum, but legal documents, recipes and other important stuff gets printed. I don't know about you, but that image of a coffee mug perched on a laptop made my eyes bug out.
(via Donation Coder)

Great Guide to Windows Services, OS Installation Guides and More
If you've been around the internet for a while you've likely heard of Black Viper. For many years he's provided information on Windows Services - what they are and if they can safely be disabled. You'll find information on Windows Services for Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Server, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Installation guidelines are now available, including FDISK, Multi-Boot, Red Hat, Ubuntu, Window XP, Vista and Windows 7. As always, be cautious before making any changes to your computer, and if you decide to change the status of Windows Services, one at a time is your best bet. After you've figured out what it does.

19 Thousand Search Engine Plugins for Your Browser
Find Search Engine Plugins / Search Providers to add to your browsers search box. The Mycroft Project is a collection of over 19 thousand  Search Engine Plugins for your internet browser. It lets you add additional search engines to the search bar in your browser. Want to add Microsoft, Gmail, Urban Dictionary, or any of 1,900 sites in 60 categories to your search box? This is the place to do it. Shopping, Health, Computers, Libraries, News, Kids and Teens are just a few of the categories.
Click on a plug in and installation starts. A box asking you if you want to add a plugin with a check box to start using it right away pops up. Some plugins require Java, if it isn't installed a dialog box will let you know. You can find your new search engines by clicking the arrow in your browsers search box.
OpenSearch plugins are supported by Firefox, IE, and Chrome.
Sherlock plugins are supported by Firefox, and other Mozilla-based browsers.

Drinks Mixer
Has over 180 non-alcoholic recipes including fizzy drinks, smoothies, tropical/ fruity drinks, and virgin cocktails. Great resource if you prefer your drinks alcohol free.

15 Ways to Download YouTube Videos
How to download YouTube videos using websites, browser add-ons or extensions, and desktop or mobile devices. Very handy tips.

Do More with your Feedly RSS Reader
With Google Reader's shutdown upon us, Feedly seems to shaping up as a great replacement (although Digg Reader went live today and it looks pretty good). This article has useful tips, whether you're taking a look at Feedly or it's your current RSS reader.

Three Free And Easy Ways To Thwart Government Snooping
I'm filing this one under "Even those of us who have nothing to hide still like our privacy" heading.


File Organization Tips: 9 Ideas for Managing Files and Folders on your Computer
There are many free file manager programs available to help you handle your files, but they don't help you create a system for organizing them. If you'd like to have your files nicely organized but don't have a system in place, there are some excellent ideas in this article. Tips cover Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7.

How to Customize the Command Prompt (and reset it to default)
If you've spent time around here you know that a lot of the Gizmo crew loves the Command Prompt. What you might not know is that you can change how the Command Prompt looks; you can change the font, background color, font color and size, how big the screen and the cursor appear, and my favorite using the mouse to cut and paste text to and from the command window. All the steps are clear and enhanced by screen shots. Should you change your mind and want the default white on black Command Prompt back, you can find everything you need here.

106 Interesting Street Art Photos from 2012
I like Street Art, the level of creativity in much of it often amazes me and makes me smile or laugh. The page is pretty long, but it loaded as I scrolled so it didn't take long for the images to appear. This is an eclectic collection from all over the world.
If you're very easily offended you might find a few you don't care for, but overall it's safe for work and home - after all, this stuff does appear in public places.

How to Compose A New Email Directly From Your Browser
Very handy time saving tip. Check out the end of the article to create a bookmark you can use to send mail from your browser anytime.

How to Do a Clean Install of Windows Without Losing Your Files, Settings, and Tweaks
A must-read article whether your doing a clean install or not - the information on backing up (and restoring) important Windows settings, Program Data and Program Settings, Games, Documents, and Files is outstanding. If you've wanted to back up items on your computer but didn't know where to start, this is exactly what you need. If you've been computing for a while but don't know how to find and backup all your program settings you'll want to read this article.

10 Creative Ways to Use Your Printer
Get creative with your inkjet printer. Learn how to make Print & Play Board Games, Customized Paper Napkins, Fabric Printing, Temporary Tattoos, Used Dryer Sheet Art, a Wi-Fi Booster Antenna, Customized Paper Bags, Papercrafts, and more. The Customized Ribbons section links to a commercial product. If you search for 'how to print ribbons' or 'printing ribbons' you should get some good how-to articles that use everyday materials like paper and tape.

How to Delete Yourself from the Internet
I don't think you can totally delete yourself from the internet, but this Wikihow article covers most of the ways it's possible.

The Best Application Launchers and Docks for Organizing Your Desktop
I've loved docks since my first look at them on a Mac and I've been using them ever since in one form or another. Here's an overview of some of the most popular ones. I like these two programs because they stand alone and don't require another program to run: 7stacks and StandaloneStack.


31 Cheap And Brilliant Dollar Store Hacks
Some clever (and a  few odd) uses for a variety of things. I like the binder clips to hold your cables idea.

Three Easy Ways To Backup Your Gmail Account
Online email providers aren't exempt from mistakes happening and email and contacts being lost. With so many of us relying on Gmail, it's an excellent idea to back up your email on a regular basis if there's important data in your Gmail account.

Thousands of Albums. Completely Free. Completely Legal
NoiseTrade helps artists build their fan email lists by giving away free music in exchange for email addresses and postal codes. I've found a few of my favorite commercially successful artists on NoiseTrade and grabbed a few downloads I couldn't get anywhere else. Email and postal codes go to the artists - it helps them stay in touch and gives them an idea where fans are located which helps with touring decisions. The only email I've received thanked me for downloading their music. Other artists may send more emails, something to keep in mind before you hand over your email address.

Feedly RSS Reader Tips and Tricks
Since the demise of Google Reader I've been using Feedly most of the time. Here's some handy tips and tricks if you're new to Feedly or an RSS reader ninja.

How to Install Chrome Extensions in Opera and Opera Extensions in Chrome
This is a very useful tip if you like Opera but want to use some of the great extensions available in Google Chrome (or the other way around). Which makes sense since the newest version of Opera is based on Chromium. I've tried installing several and it works fine for me, but I'm still in shock over Opera's decision  to exclude the ability to use and import bookmarks. Bookmarks can be managed via the Speed Dial and Stash features in Opera. On any given day I have 1000+ bookmarks on hand. That's how I keep track of my most used sites and store the content that I come across to bring good stuff to you here. It will be interesting to see how this all turns out.

How To Develop a Daily Writing Habit
Short and useful guide on developing and daily writing habit. From the site: "Writing is one of the most difficult, most underrated activities that people all across the world covet. Some people write as a profession while others write because it is required of them in their schooling or career. There are even some people who write just for fun. But no matter what your reason for writing may be, developing a daily writing habit can be extremely beneficial to different areas of your life."

How To Buffer Full YouTube Videos Before Playing
As a person on a relatively slow connection, this made my day.


Desktop Wallpaper Calendars: June 2014
Smashing Magazine is one of my all time favorite design/graphics sites. Every month they feature free desktop wallpapers created by artists across the globe - there's always an interesting mix of styles, and you can have your wallpapers with or without a calendar. Links to sizes with calendars and sizes minus calendars are under each wallpaper. Clicking the wallpaper leads to the preview image.

40 Free Fonts For Flat Design
From the website: All the fonts you find here are bold, simple, and straight-forward which is suitable for the modern and minimalistic flat design concept. Of course, they can be used not only for flat design, but for any web project you like.

Martha's Web - Help for Windows and More
This site is a great resource for anyone new to computers, and in particular, new to computers and using Windows XP. In addition to Windows XP, there's information on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Email, Security, PC Maintenance and so on.

Where the Start Screen Patterns are Located in Windows 8 & How to Extract Them
In my ongoing quest to have Windows 8 make sense to me I thought I'd share this little tidbit. At least one of my Windows 8 questions is answered.....

You Won’t Finish This Article -Why people online don’t read to the end.
I read cereal boxes, liner notes on audio CD's and whatever else is in front of me so when I saw this article I had to take a look at it. It's funny and very well done. See how much you read before you head somewhere else.

How to Open or Burn an .ISO File in Windows 8
"This very brief tutorial will show you how to open up and view the contents of an .iso file – or burn the .iso to CD/DVD – in Windows 8. The best part – all the software you need is included with Windows 8 itself."

8 Innovative and Fun Ways to Use Your Webcam
Your webcam may be the most under-utilized gadget you have (aside from skyping and selfies). Here's eight suggestions you may not have thought of.

iOS 7: A Complete Guide To New Features & Changes
With iOS 7, everything regarding the UI and the overall feel of iOS has been completely revamped. Here's a look at the changes you need to know about.

So Bad So Good Showcases the Very Best and Worst of the Web
"Posts cover design, photography, animation, sculpture, illustrations, street art, documentaries and literature right through to the weird, wonderful and infinitely shareable. Our focus is to act as a creative hub, where you can be inspired, amused and entertained every day." Good site to visit when you have a little time to waste.


How to Create a List of Installed Programs in Windows
There are some good utilities that do this, but I rather like these three - one using the Windows Power Shell, the second using the Command Prompt, and the third is something you probably have on your computer anyway, CCleaner.

Add extensions to Google Chrome that aren't in the Chrome web store.
I came across a Google Chrome extension that I wanted to install. It wasn't in the Chrome web store and Chrome wouldn't allow the site to install an extension. After some searching, I found this page that tells how to add an extension that's not in the Chrome store. It worked just fine, so I thought I'd pass it along.

Design and Publish Your Own eBooks For Free
Papyrus is an online service that lets you easily create ebooks up to 5,000 words for free (formats are PDF/Epub/Kindle). You can import content, use the online editor, and pick a cover from the Cover Designer. There are Basic and Professional accounts. The Basic account is free for books up to 5,000 words. The Professional account is $20.00 USD per eBook. (more at Addictive Tips)

15 Websites That Make Your Time Spent On The Internet Productive
This fairly eclectic collection has some of my favorite sites and some I'm not familiar with. At the time of this writing all links worked, but #10 flipkart.com leads to an online shopping website. I'd skip that one.

Introducing Windows 8.1: Transform the Start Screen into a Start Menu
"One of the changes made by Microsoft in Windows 8.1 is that, due to user feedback, anyone can change the Start screen with a Start Menu. It's not the old Start Menu from Windows 7, but it sure is close enough. But how do you enable it? Here's how. :) (via TinyHacker)

Free Halloween Fonts
Here's a collection of 15 fonts that are suitably spooky to use for Halloween.

The Ultimate Guide to Social Media Manners
Includes Do's and Don'ts for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Topics include why there's a need for social media manners, content that works, user base, and timing. The article does a good job of outlining demographics for each service and the demographic breakup for various social networks at the bottom of the article is informative and interesting.

Return the 'Properties' menu item that was removed in Firefox 3.6 to the context menu. One thing I loved about Firefox was being able to right click on images and other items to get their information. Quick and easy. It disappeared in Firefox 3.6 and up, but you can get it back with this Firefox add-on.

7 Ways To Learn to Code
Venture Beat has gathered various sites that teach you to code for free. Some we've covered here at Gizmo's Freeware and some are new.


2014 Monthly Calendar Templates
There are quite a few calendar sites on the internet. I happen to like this one because it has a good range of templates you can use and they are all compatible with Microsoft Word, OpenOffice Writer and Google Docs. The FAQ's have answers to common issues.

ISBNS.NET: Book Price Comparison Made Simple
I love books and I've used several price comparison sites over the years such as AddAll and Best Book Buys. Lately I've been using ISBNS and love its uncluttered and easy to use interface. Search results are as good as any I've found for new and used books. If you like an easy to use and uncluttered interface give the site a try.

Printable Paper by Inspiration Hut
I'm going to use Inspiration Hut's own description as it says it best: "Have you ever needed graph, lined, isometric or any other kind of paper to act as a background for your digital drawings, or to help with a project you’re working on? We have you covered! You can download our collection of printable papers in JPG or PDF format and print within minutes, completely free of charge."
Most of the papers come in more than one size.You can download Crosshatch Paper, Notebook Paper, Ruled Paper, Dotgrid Paper (my favorite), Diagonal Paper (calligraphers and lettering artists will love this one), Grid Paper, Wire Frame Paper for Browsers, iPad and iPhone.

Ultimate Troubleshooting Guide for Office 2013 Installation Problems
This is a good overview of the problems you may run into installing Office 2013, starting with the fact that you can't install Office 2013 on Windows XP or Windows Vista - you need Window 7 or 8.
I installed Office 2013 on my Windows 7 machine and had no trouble with the installation. Figuring out how it worked was a whole lot harder - I uninstalled it and went back to Office 2010.

One of the incredibly useful websites I visit often is Thesaurus.com. Recently the site went through a site wide overhaul that I like very much. If you don't like the change, you can use the older version, just click the arrow at the top right of the screen. It's a well done and very useful site whether you like the older or the newer version.

Check Your PC's Compatibility For Games Within A Minute!
This article covers the nuts and bolts of the Can You RUN it site. Can You RUN it checks your computer hardware for compatibility with popular games you choose from a list. If you want to skip the "how it works" here's the direct link to Can You RUN it.

10 Google Chrome Extensions That Save Time And Keep You Organized
This is a good collection of Chrome extensions, some are favorites and some are new to me.

Encyclopedia of Life
EOL is bringing together information and pictures of all species known to science. They do this through gathering information about all life on Earth in text, images, video, sounds, maps, classifications and more. Great site to visit, and useful to educators of all kinds.


Microsoft Desktop Wallpapers
In addition to themes, the Microsoft Personalization Gallery has loads of good to great wallpapers on all kinds of topics. These wallpapers can be used by anyone. The wallpapers come in one size: 1920px x 1200px. You might need to resize them for your screen using your favorite image editor. If you don't have a favorite image editor check out the choices in our Best Free Image Editor categories: Best Free Digital Image Editor, Best Free Web-Based Image Editor, Best Free Image Editor for iOS, and Best Free Image Editor for Android.

50 Great Fonts
Every now and then I run across a collection of fonts that is quite usable - not a lot of fonts that are, shall we say, edgy, or on the cutting edge. Fans of moderate and/or tasteful fonts will enjoy this collection.

The World Photography Organisation (WPO) supports professional, amateur and student photography, lending a global platform for the photographic industry to communicate, congregate and cultivate, and showcasing current trends in all genres of photography. They also support competitions, and what caught my eye recently was the 2013 Sony World Photography Award Winners. There are four areas of competition: Professional Winners, Open Winners, Youth Winners, National Award Winners and a 3D Winner. I love it that there is so much support for young talent. Amazing photographs from around the world - do take a look, I think you'll enjoy it.

National Geographic Education
From the site: "National Geographic Education is responsible for creating educational programs and resources for schools, out-of-school settings, and the home." While this area of the National Geographic is aimed at educators, I found enough items of interest that I lost a bit of time there. :) I like there are sections for Teachers, Informal Education, Families, Students, and Kids.

A frequently humorous site full of real stories about the odd/interesting/weird things people do as consumers. Its focus is the US, though anyone outside the US can appreciate the odd things that come up on the site. From the site: "Consumerist is an independent, non-partisan, non-profit consumer news and information website. It’s supposed to be informative and funny, except when it is informative and insouciant."

D*I*Y Planner
The D*I*Y Planner is a site  about paper - paper for "planning, productivity, creative expression, and exploring ideas" There are tips, templates, reviews and an active and friendly community. A few categories are Creativity, Diet, GTD, Health, Notes, Scrapbooking, Time Management, and so on. Definitely a site for paper lovers.

13 Best Firefox Add-ons of 2013
Great list of Add-ons brought to you by a committee of Firefox volunteers — who really, REALLY love Firefox Add-ons — put their time and effort into finding the best new add-ons. Some I use, some I'm familiar with but don't use, and some I've not heard of. If you use Firefox, what's your favorite Firefox Add-on?


10 Things You Didn't Know Your Smartphone Could Do
"....Smartphones are great, they're basically a computer in your pocket packed full of features to make your life easier. But some of those features are less obvious than others, so to help you get the most out of your phone here are 10 things that you might not have known it could do."

Google Zeitgeist
From Google: "What did the world search for?" There's a terrific flash introduction, or you can explore other sections.

Webopedia is an online dictionary that provides easy-to-understand definitions related to the technology and the internet. Using plain language and avoiding the use of heavy jargon when possible makes the site accessible to users with a wide range of computer knowledge.

21 Tips And Tricks Every New iPhone Owner Should Know
(via Tiny Hacker)

How to Change Your Account Name on the Windows 8.x Start Screen
I was happy to come across this tip. Maybe it's just me, but I don't like having my Microsoft account information popping up every time I turn on my computer.

How to Acquire Lost Windows XP Product Key
Here are two ways to recover a lost Windows XP key, one of them is finding it the CD itself.

4 Useful Websites To Help You Pronounce Names Correctly
These four sites are useful resources, particularly if you are traveling. I run across words that I don't know the correct pronunciation pretty often so I tend to use these kinds of sites on a regular basis.

The blog posts one image, daily, of gathered natural objects found near the author's home. That might not sound too interesting until you see how those beautifully photographed items create some great patterns and images. (note: the blog has a link where image prints can be purchased but there are no ads on the main blog).


Large List of Free Forensic Software
From the site: "Our list of over 120 free tools is provided as a free resource for those working in digital forensics and ediscovery. It’s updated several times a year and suggestions for inclusion are welcome." Some listed sites require registration before you can use them. I found this site via TechNibble.com, well worth a visit on its own.
Disclaimer: Gizmo's Freeware is not responsible for anything that happens to your computer through use of the software. We encourage frequent backups on a regular basis as well as right before you try something new on a computer.

5,000 Free Historic Maps
I love maps of all kinds, and this site has over 5,000 of them. The maps are historical and aimed at teachers and students, making this site a good resource. Put together by the Educational Technology Clearinghouse at University of South Florida, maps are available for Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America. Additional maps can be found by using the link under the list of continents.

How to Create a List of Installed Programs in Windows
Having a list of the software on your computer is a handy thing to have around. This article has three ways to do that - through PowerShell, a Command Prompt, and through a utility many of you have already, CCleaner. To get the hardware and software on a computer I like to use the free-for-personal-use program called Belarc, its been around for many years. 

DIY Photography
You'll find a lot to like on this website if you enjoy DIY and photography - reviews, camera hacks, lighting and 6 Reasons to Go Through Your Old Photos. I think that last one was aimed at me.

5 Free Websites To Improve Handwriting
Both adults and children can use these sites to improve or teach handwriting in English. The printable worksheets are quite helpful.

The Amazing Fact Generator
at website Mental Floss is fun. The Hit Me Again button got a lot of use when I visited the site.

Almost Every File Format In The World
This is a handy list to find out what program(s) a file format belongs to, new and old. How old? It lists the After Dark Screensaver format, which ran on Windows 3.1. I still miss the flying toasters and the accompanying music.


Billions Of Free Sudoku Puzzles To Play On The Web
Sudoku lovers will find plenty of challenges at this site. You can choose Easy, Medium, Hard and Evil levels, with puzzle variations like JigSawDoku, Fill -a-Pix, Link-a-Pix and Hashi for a little more challenge. The the Daily Printable Sudoku Variation (with weekly archives) is great if you like your Sudoku on paper.

Light Is A Firefox-Based Lightweight & Minimal Web Browser For Windows
I've enjoyed using this browser for a few weeks now. It's a lighter weight browser than Firefox that retains much of the functionality and supports most of the same add-ons that Firefox does. If you, or someone you know are having probelms this would be a good option to try.
via Addictive Tips

Keep A Daily Journal With OhLife
OhLife helps you remember what's happened in your life by sending you daily email asking "How did your day go?" Your reply is stored at the OhLife site that you can reach at any time. Manual entries can be made at the site, and all your information can be exported as a text file. OhLife has a time capsule that lets you send a letter to you future self - pick a date in the future when you want the letter mailed, write your letter, add your email address and your letter will be emailed on the date you've chosen. Out of all the online journals I've come across, OhLife is the easiest one I've seen; reply to the email and you're done.

Computer and Internet Basics
There are a lot of tutorials and free classes on a variety of subjects on this site but I was really impressed with the Computer and Internet Basics tutorials. They are clear, easy to understand, and best of all, aimed at anyone new to computing.

This comic is probably familiar to most of you, but for those who may have missed it I'm adding it here.xkcd is an online comic. The humor can be a wee bit on the techy side of things but is worth a visit anyway.

Windows XP: Interesting Facts to Remember
This is an interesting collection Windows XP trivia. It's a short and good read. :)
Thanks go out to Mary at Spiceworks for the site suggestion

4 Ways To Factory Reset Your Windows Computer
Sometimes a computer needs to be restored to factory conditions, whether it's a virus or some other reason. I like this article because it lists what key you need to press at boot up for various manufacturers. It's good to note that restoring computer to factory conditions means that all your programs, documents, windows updates, etc. will disappear. Back up anything that's important to you before restoring a computer. This isn't mentioned in the article but you can make an image of your hard disk drive. That gives you a cloned copy of everything on your hard disk drive. There are detailed direction from Gizmo here.
If you know what you are doing check out our Best Free Drive Cloning Software category.


Check User Name Available At Multiple Sites
Check to see if your desired username is available at dozens of popular Social Networking and Social Bookmarking websites.

Big List of Emoticons
There are hundreds of sites that showcase emoticons but this page lists Western and Eastern emoticons. Head on over if you need new smiley faces or other emoticons.

15 Brilliant Websites That Will Inspire And Change Your Life
This a quite a diverse list of sites, most anyone will find something of interest here.

19 Perfectly Camouflaged Animal Photos by Art Wolfe 
I've always liked camouflaged images. When I saw these 19 photos by long time favorite photographer Art Wolfe I had to share.

Just Delete Me
If you've spent any time trying to delete yourself from various websites you know how hard it is. Just Delete Me "aims to be a directory of urls to enable you to easily delete your account from web services." There are a lot of websites listed, but my favorite part is the color coded links to the websites. It's easy to see at a glance if a site is Easy, Medium, Hard, or Impossible to delete your account.

How to Switch from Internet Explorer and Bring Your Bookmarks with You
From the site: "A newly discovered Internet Explorer security bug has left Web security in jeopardy. Though Microsoft has agreed to soon release a patch, you’re probably going to want to consider switching to another Web browser in the meantime. Luckily, there are some good alternatives to Internet Explorer including Opera, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox." Here's how to take your Bookmarks/Favorites with you when you go.

Cooking for Engineers
From the site description: "Have an analytical mind? Like to cook? This is the site to read!" Even if you don't have an analytical mind this is a great site. There are several categories, like the Recipe File, Kitchen Notes, Equipment and Gear and various other entertaining areas.

Forvo - All the Words in the World. Pronounced
2,319,170 words 2,466,961 pronunciations, 318 languages.
My go to site for word pronunciations when I suspect a word in my head isn't being pronounced properly.

Twisted Sifter
Twisted Sifter is a site that defies classification - its site description is to "educate, entertain, and inspire each and every day."
I tend to spend quite a bit of time there, wandering all around. The variety of topics and photos is wide ranging; it's probably why I enjoy the site so much. Well worth a visit.


Newsletter of Wonderful Things from Scott Hanselman
I'm a long time fan of Scott Hanselman. While I rarely recommend newsletters, this one is worth a subscription. Check out the newsletter archive for past issues so you'll know if you'd like to subscribe.
I also highly recommend Scott Hanselman's 2014 Ultimate Developer and Power Users Tool List for Windows. There's something for most of us there even if we aren't Power Users.



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