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Verde Valley Amateur Radio Association

Welcome to the Verde Valley Amateur Radio Association

News Sources And Blogs
Verde Valley Amateur Radio Association

News Sources

ABC Access Hollywood Al Jazeera Associated Press The Atlantic
BBC Bloomberg Boston Globe C-SPAN CBS
Chicago Sun-Times Chicago Tribune Christian Science Monitor center for Public Integrity CNN
Congressional Quarterly Daily Mail Daily Telegraph Democracy Now! Digg
Drudge Report E! Online Entertainment Weekly Financial Times Forbes
Foreign Policy Fortune Fox News Globe and Mail GlobalPost.com
GlobalVoices Google News Guardian Haaretz The Hill
Independent Los Angeles Times McClatchy Mediaite Mosaic
Mother Jones National Journal NBC News The New Republic New York Daily News
New York Observer New York Times The New Yorker Newsweek Newsy
NPR OpEdNews PBS NewsHour People Politico
ProPublica Reuters Roll Call Rolling Stone The Root
Salon San Francisco Chronicle Seattle Times Slate Sunlight Foundation
TIME TMZ USA Today Vanity Fair Wall Street Journal
Washington Independent Washington Times Washington Post Yahoo! News Youth Radio

Blog Sources


  1. Climbur - Get big ideas delivered to your inbox every Monday!
  2. Visual News - The cure for eyeball boredom.
  3. moddea - Visual catalog of everyday modern objects.
  4. Very Short List - Cultural gems from a different curator every day.
  5. SoulPancake - Art, culture, science, philosophy, spirituality and humor.


  1. BuzzFeed - High quality original reporting, insight and viral content.
  2. UPROXX - The culture of what's buzzing.
  3. PocketHits - The most popular stories, videos, images, recipes and more from Pocket.
  4. What's Trending - See it first.
  5. Viral Viral Videos - Videos going viral right now.


  1. Open Culture - The best free cultural and educational media on the web.
  2. Trendland - Your daily dose of fashion, trends, art, design and photography.
  3. Slacktory - A comedic blog about the pop culture of the internet.
  4. Flavorwire - Culture curation. Highbrow, lowbrow and everything in between.
  5. Internet for Beginners - About.com's guide to participating in online culture.


  1. Quartz - Digitally native news outlet. Bracingly creative journalism.
  2. The Daily Beast - Read this skip that.
  3. Matter - Commissions, crafts and publishes unmissable journalism about science, tech and ideas.
  4. PostDesk - Indepth news, analysis, discussion and debate.
  5. WhoWhatWhy - Groundbreaking investigating journalism.


  1. NOTCOT - A visual filtration of ideas + aesthetics + amusements.
  2. The Exaltation - A collective of creatives sharing inspirational projects.
  3. The Khooll - A digital design and lifestyle magazine.
  4. dsgnWrld - Propagate design.
  5. designboom - A large independent publication dedicated to design and architecture.


  1. Twaggies - Funny tweets illustrated.
  2. Team COCO - Conan O'Brien presents…
  3. White Whine - A collection of first-world problems.
  4. Improv Everywhere - They cause scenes (funny videos).
  5. PassiveAggressiveNotes.com - Pictures of funny passive aggressive notes people have left.


  1. Valet - Men's style, grooming, living, shopping and how-to guides.
  2. Por Homme - Men's lifestyle, fashion, footwear and culture.
  3. Bless This Stuff - Web magazine for guys. Categories include: wear, living, culture, sports, vehicles and more.
  4. The Art of Manliness - Men's interests and lifestyle.
  5. Dappered - Affordable men's style.


  1. Goop - Limited edition collaborations, recipes, travel notes, shopping ideas curated by Gwyneth Paltrow.
  2. The Hairpin - Ladies first.
  3. HelloGiggles - Entertainment for creative women.
  4. The Everygirl - The lifemap for everygirls everywhere.
  5. Pick the Brain - Motivation and self-improvement.


  1. In Focus - News photography from The Atlantic.
  2. Amazing Things In The World - Photos of, you guessed it, amazing things in the world (Facebook).
  3. NPR Picture Show - Photo stories from NPR.
  4. Feature Shoot - Travel, fashion, documentary, editorial and portrait photography.
  5. White House Photos - Photos from the White House.


  1. Freddie Wong - Action shorts from Freddie Wong.
  2. Vsauce - Amazing facts and the best of the Internet.
  3. All Time 10s - The funniest, most relevant and informative top 10 list videos you'll ever watch.
  4. Household Hacker - Mods, life hacks, science, cheats, pranks and gaming.
  5. WatchMojo - Profiles, videos, top 10s.


  1. SoundCloud - Hear the world's sounds.
  2. Studio 360 - What's happening in pop culture and the arts.
  3. Blank on Blank - They find lost interviews, you listen.
  4. Fresh Air - Contemporary arts and issues (from NPR).
  5. Radiolab - A show about curiosity.


  1. Longform - Recommends new and classic nonfiction from around the web.
  2. Byliner Spotlights - Read more from your favorite authors.
  3. Longreads - The best long-form stories on the web.
  4. The Feature - A hand-picked selection of the finest articles and essays saved with Instapaper.
  5. The Paris Review - Introducing you to the important writers of the day.


  1. Skillcrush - Learn about technology and how to put it to work for you.
  2. Singularity Hub - The future is here today.
  3. Gizmag - New and emerging technology news (lots of cool hardware).
  4. Internet Today - The best internet and tech news from LinkedIn.
  5. ExtremeTech - The only tech site I've ever seen with a category labeled “Extreme.”


  1. TED - Ideas worth spreading.
  2. Co.Exist - World-changing ideas and innovation.
  3. Talks at Google - Speakers of all stripes giving talks at Google.
  4. Conference Bites - Big ideas for short attention spans. The best quotes from the latest events.
  5. Aspen Ideas - Multimedia from around the Aspen Ideas Institute.


  1. Geekosystem - Your guide to tech and internet culture.
  2. Geek & Sundry - Eccentricities for your entertainment.
  3. So Geek Chic - All things geek and/or chic.
  4. Geekologie - Gadgets, gizmos and awesome.
  5. DudeIWantThat.com - A gift guide of gadgets, gear and novelties.


  1. GOOD - A global community of people who care.
  2. Stanford Social Innovation Review - Informing and inspiring leaders of social change.
  3. Charity Navigator - America's largest charity evaluator.
  4. Dutiee - Stories that matter.
  5. Socialbrite - Social solutions for nonprofits (blog).


  1. TreeHugger - Dedicated to driving sustainability mainstream.
  2. Grist - Environmental news, commentary and advice.
  3. GoodGuide - Green, healthy and safe product information and reviews.
  4. Environmental Graffiti - An eclectic mix of bizarre, funny and interesting environmental news.
  5. Food & Water Watch - Works to ensure the food, water and fish we consume is safe and accessible.


  1. POLITICO - Driving the conversation.
  2. BagNews - Reading the pictures; visual politics and the analysis of news images.
  3. Think Progress - Hard-hitting political news.
  4. GovTrack.us - Easily track the activities of the United States Congress.
  5. OpenSecrets.org - See who's getting and who's giving.

Can't Miss

  1. Mental Floss - Random, interesting amazing facts plus fun quizzes and trivia.
  2. Hypebeast - Fashion, arts, design, culture.
  3. Brain Pickings - Human-powered discovery engine for interestingness.
  4. DROOL'D - Stuff to drool over from gadgets to places.
  5. Bored Panda - The only magazine for pandas.
  6. ThreadBanger - For people who make their own style.
  7. Unhistorical - Day by day reflections on history and culture.
  8. Daily Grommet - Discover unique products with innovative design that make unique gifts.
  9. I'm Remembering - Pop culture and nostalgery from the 80s and early 90s.
  10. Richard Wiseman - Quirky mind stuff including videos, illusions, trivia and more.

Tech News and Analysis

  1. TechCrunch - Lots of news. Not always right, but always interesting and frequently first.
  2. VentureBeat - A firehose of news about startups, innovation, and cool products coming in the tech world.
  3. GigaOm - Some news, but mostly really smart analysis of the tech world.
  4. ReadWriteWeb - Ditto above. Some news, lots of smart people talking tech.
  5. Wired - The only magazine for pandas.
  6. The Next Web - Funnier, more lighthearted, but still great news.
  7. Webware - News, always with a focus on “what does it mean for users?”
  8. Mashable - Nowhere else to go for social media news, this one’s dominant.
  9. I'm Bits - Not a lot of exclusive content, but brilliant writers and smart commentary.
  10. The Unofficial Apple Weblog - An awesome resource for anything and everything Apple.
  11. Business Insider Tech - Very business-heavy, but great angles on news stories..
  12. Ars Technica - Heavy on the geekery, but full of interesting thoughts and niche pieces.
  13. Reddit Technology - Not a blog per se, but a great source for tech news and other edifying and entertaining content.

Tech and Web Design

  1. Six Revisions - Tips, tools, and great lists of design resources.
  2. Noupe - I love their roundups (like “50 best free icon sets”), and constantly bookmark this site.
  3. Noupe - I love their roundups (like “50 best free icon sets”), and constantly bookmark this site.
  4. Hongkiat - Basically ditto above, but with a slightly broader focus in design.
  5. I Love Typograhy - Love fonts and typefaces? Can’t beat this site.
  6. Design Observer - More tips, tricks, and tutorials.
  7. Swiss Miss - The musings of a designer, with a heavy focus on the funky and quirky bits of the design world.

How-Tos and Reviews

  1. MakeUseOf - Endless resource of Top 10 Lists, and geeky hacks you might want to try.
  2. gHacks - Deeper cuts in tech than MUO, but still great for news, tips, and tutorials.
  3. Lost in Technology - Much more approachable than the above sites, it’s a great blog to wade into without much knowledge required.
  4. Mac AppStorm - The best Mac apps on the planet get showcased here.
  5. Web AppStorm - Ditto above, but with Web apps.
  6. FreelanceSwitch - Tips, tools, tricks and help for anyone living the freelance lifestyle (more and more of us these days).
  7. 40Tech - Encountering tech, particularly geared toward those over 40, but really useful for anyone.


  1. Daring Fireball - John Gruber is the smartest man on the planet when it comes to Apple.
  2. Pogue’s Posts - David Pogue’s funny, smart, and a great representative of the common man.
  3. Scripting News - Dave Winer’s as important to the tech landscape as anyone (he’s the godfather of RSS, among other things), and his thoughts on any subject are a must-read.
  4. Search Engine Land - Danny Sullivan knows his stuff when it comes to search—and there’s a lot more to it than you might think.
  5. All Things D - A group of thinkers from the Wall Street Journal, all discussing, analyzing and talking tech. My favorite? Kara Swisher
  6. Dustin Curtis - I love the way his site looks more than anything, but he’s a great observer of the world of blogging, design, and art.
  7. MinimalMac - Mostly a links roundup, but a phenomenal resource for anyone looking to make their Mac work for them.
  8. Robert Scoble - The blog of author, tech evangelist, & Rackspace employee Robert Scoble.

Tips, Tricks and Hackery

  1. Lifehacker - The grand poobah of “little things to make your life more productive, more efficient, and more awesome” blogs
  2. Digital Inspiration - Amit is clever, easy to understand, and full of cool and interesting tips for everyone.
  3. Unclutterer - Much-needed help for getting the crap out of our way so we can get important things done.
  4. HackCollege - Tons of useful tips on hacking college and succeeding in school, but with ideas useful for anyone.
  5. Smarterware - Gina, the founder of Lifehacker, took to Smarterware to share more great tricks, and never disappoints.
  6. Lifehack - Somewhat broader in its thinking than Lifehacker, but a great place to find tips to make every little piece of your life work a little better.
  7. Switched - All things geek, particularly the culture of techies that is forming.
  8. Make Magazine - Do awesome stuff with your stuff. That should totally be their tagline.

Cool Stuff

  1. Gizmodo - Gadgets, gadgets, gadgets!
  2. Engadget - Oh my goodness, more gadgets!
  3. Boy Genius Report - They’re full of rumors and leaks, and are almost always right.
  4. jkOnTheRun - Arguably the most seasoned gadget-heads out there, they’re a smart, thoughtful, and objective resource for all things gadget and mobile.

For Funsies

  1. Xkcd - Want to know how nerds think? Read this comic. That’s exactly it.
  2. Boing Boing - The interesting, quirky, strange, and weird things in the tech world.
  3. Neatorama - Awesome things. I think that’s their only criteria for inclusion, and they stick to it well.
  4. All About Microsoft - Microsoft watcher Mary Jo Foley's blog covers the products, people and strategies that make Microsoft tick.
  5. Bink - Bink.nu is the leading source for Microsoft news and downloads.
  6. Channel9 - As part of Microsoft's commitment to make Channel 9 a great place to meet and interact with others around the world.
  7. CNET News - Top Technology News
  8. ComputerWorld - Technology news and information for IT influencers worldwide.
  9. Live Side - Covers all of Microsoft’s consumer facing online devices and services, is well known for being first with the best and most exclusive dirt on Microsoft’s online initiatives.
  10. The Ed Bott Report - Insights and expert advice on the products and companies that define today's tech landscape, from a source who knows these technologies inside and out.
  11. NeoWin - Technology news website that actively focuses on Microsoft, Apple, and sometimes Linux.
  12. Notebooks.com - Notebooks.com is a mobile computing news and reviews site. This site primarily focuses on Windows notebooks and MacBooks.
  13. OSNews - Exploring the Future of Computing, we try to focus on all major news about operating systems, ultimately, we report on a range of technologies and anything else we think our readers might find interesting.
  14. Paul Thurrott's WinInfo - Paul Thurrott is senior technical analyst for Windows IT Pro.
  15. PC Magazine - Leading digital media company specializing in the technology, gaming and men’s lifestyle categories.
  16. Security Garden - Get computer security news and information, help, tips and more at the Security Garden.
  17. Windows Networking - Latest Windows Networking Articles & Tutorials
  18. WinSupersite - Paul Thurrott's Windows Super Site, All things Windows!
  19. WordPress Planet - This is an aggregation of blogs talking about WordPress from around the world.
  20. Get Support - Support for WordPress a hosting platform that makes it easy for anyone to publish online.

Attention VVARA Members:

There’s a lot here, many of which may not be for everyone.
But there’s an incredible amount of quality in the tech blogosphere, and I’m willing to bet there’s something out there for everyone, no matter who you are or what you know.

Notice: if you have a favoite blog or news source send it to the VVARA for posting on this webpage. Please include a link to it.



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